Status: Open-ish
Currently I'm in college, so commission work is mostly done on weekends. Because of this, they can take up to a month or so depending on complexity. Please let me know if you have a deadline you need met.

Normal Prices

Chibi Prices

Terms of Service

  • 10% discount for any canon south park characters

  • Additional fee for description-based commissions (without references)

  • Complex designs or props can add to price as well

  • Payment is done through PayPal only

  • The first half will be collected upfront, and the rest paid when the drawing is done

  • Once payment is complete, I will email the high resolution to your email. The commissioner is allowed to post the art to their platform(s) (ie: Instagram) with credit

  • For commercial work, rates will be higher, and will need to be discussed

Will Draw

  • Original Characters

  • Fanart

  • Most Ships (Please ask)

Won't Draw

  • NSFW

  • Heavy Gore

  • Mecha

  • Furries


  • @echomimus: Two lineless chibis - waiting for payment


  • @strawbearriez: Two halfbodies, shaded

  • @elliesbee: Two halfbodies, flat color

  • @elisabethrosatiart: Undecided

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you allow reposts?
A: Absolutely not, unless the artwork is commissioned. If you see my art reposted anywhere, please let me know

Where can I find your art?
A: I post my art on Instagram, Tumblr, and Artfol, and always under some variation of Phido or Phidont. If you see my art anywhere else, that is not me (excluding my old deviantart). Links to all these sites can be found on the home page!

Where can I read your comic?"
Delta is available currently only on Tapas. I'm not sure if I'll also be branching out to Webtoon. Links to it can be found on the Home or Delta page of my Carrd. Currently Delta is being rewritten, so the only pages available are the ones I did in high school that have since been scrapped

What do you use to draw?
A: I primarily use a Huion GT-191 Kamvas and Paint Tool Sai. I also have an iPad Air with Procreate I use for sketches and merch designs

How can I support you?
A: The best way to support me is through commissioning me and through my Etsy shop. If you want to still help but don't have money, I really appreciate story reshares and comments (Instagram) and reblogs (Tumblr) as they help more people see my work. Interacting with my work on any level makes me happy though, I'm glad people are able to enjoy the things I draw :)

Can I draw you fanart?
A: Please do! I love getting fanart, it always makes my day. If you do please tag or DM it to me so I can see! On instagram you can also use #phidocfanart if you'd like

Do you take requests? / Can you draw ___?
A: No, but my commissions are almost always open. Feel free to shoot me a message if you're interested

Do you do collabs/art trades?
A: Typically only with close mutuals, and only if I'm not swamped with other work. Please do not ask me this if I do not know you

Can we be friends?
A: Getting this question is very uncomfortable for me, but it happens a lot. The answer 99.9% of the time is going to be no. I believe friendships aren't something you can just start out of nowhere, and prefer they develop naturally through mutual conversation

How do you pronounce "Phido"?
A: Fye-doe. A lot of people pronounce it fee-doe, but that's wrong. It's a mix of the greek letter Phi and the dog nickname Fido. I stole it from my favorite video game series Zero Escape


Status: On hiatus while being rewritten
Detective Jun Nakamura falls into a game of cat and mouse as she investigates a series of seemingly unsolvable murders. As things escalate, it looks like the killer has it in for her personally.

Jun Nakamura | 26 | She/Her

  • Protagonist and lead detective on the case. A serial killer is running loose in Blackwell and Jun is determined to stop her.

  • Homicide Detective

  • Stoic, Cynical, Reserved

Delta | ??? | She/Her

  • Antagonist of the story. She's graduated from killing to satiate her curiosity alone, to also wanting to make Detective Nakamura's life a living nightmare

  • Serial Killer

  • Curious, Playful, Strategic

Kiyomi Misora | 18 | She/Her

  • Top student, well-liked, from a distance Kiyomi seems perfect. She dedicates her life to keeping up that image and blocking out her past. Celeste is the only person that really knows her true self

  • Student at Blackwell Academy

  • Charming, Academic, Attentive

Celeste Du Bois | 18 | She/Her

  • When Celeste first left France and transferred to Blackwell Academy, Kiyomi was quick to take her under her wing, knowing what it was like to be the new girl from a foreign country. Since then, they've been best friends

  • Student at Blackwell Academy

  • Timid, Trusting, Gentle

Ash McNamara | 27 | He/Him

  • Jun's partner and more positive counterpart. Outside of work their close bond persists, Ash being her closest friend

  • Homicide Detective

  • Optimistic, Relaxed, Loyal

Loralei Nakamura | 28 | She/Her

  • Loving wife to Jun, as well as well known photographer in the city. She uses her talents for both work and art

  • Photojournalist

  • Passionate, Caring, Sociable

Other Projects

While Delta is my main project, I have a handful of other original characters. You can learn more about them here!

Myrefall Hearts

Status: In Development
Blythe is an idealistic young divination witch who just opened her new matchmaking service. When a strange new dating app arises, she realizes it's much more than some rival competition as the residents of Myrefall begin acting strangely.

Blythe Fowler | 22 | She/Her

  • Blythe loves love, and wants to share that with everyone else in Myrefall. With the help of her rabbit familiar Henry, and her demon girlfriend Blaire, she hopes to accomplish that dream

  • Divination Witch

  • Bubbly, Hopeless Romantic, Aspirational

Blaire Delvaux | ??? | She/Her

  • Accidentally summoned by Blythe, Blaire finds herself stuck on the surface world, although she's made herself quite comfortable in Blythe's heart and home. Other people? not so much

  • Demon

  • Apathetic, Antisocial, Protective

Pandora Underwood | 22 | She/Her

  • Pandora uses her magic to run the most popular place in town: Pandora's Box! Part bakery, part cafĂ©. no one can resist the cozy vibe or good food Pandora provides

  • Kitchen Witch

  • Polite, Forgiving, Caring

Mara Underwood | 24 | She/Her

  • Mara keeps to herself and spends most of her time tending to the Cemetery or hiding out in the library. Her aptitude in necromancy makes her the strongest witch in Myrefall

  • Necromancer

  • Meek, Skittish, Introverted

Etoile Fowler | 24 | She/Her

  • Living far outside of Myrefall, Etoile is a skilled ice witch using her magic for icesmithing. In her spare time, she loves to research the various races and creatures in their realm, proving to be quite helpful when Blythe comes to her for help.

  • Ice Witch

  • Confident, Generous, Curious

Lavender & Lies

Status: In Development
Planned visual novel taking place in 1976 England following Kody, her best friend Daphne, and little sister Li Mei as they try to uncover the truth behind the death of Lunette Sallow, the friendly ghost haunting their house

Kody Reid | 16 | She/Her

  • As the player, you get to control Kody's actions. She's a headstrong girl determined to help Lunette's spirit find solace. Depending on how you play the game, her relationship with different characters will vary

  • Skeptical, Short Tempered, Quick Witted

  • Fun Fact: She almost exclusively dresses in red and yellow, with an occasional pop of blue

Daphne Hall | 16 | She/Her

  • Kody's best friend (and potential love interest). As the oldest two in the group, they shoulder the most responsibility, but Daphne's cheery disposition keeps things from being too heavy

  • Bubbly, Outspoken, Excitable

  • Fun Fact: Daphne developed an interest in the paranormal at a young age after her mother's passing.

Li Mei Reid | 7 | She/Her

  • Li Mei is the first person to be in contact with Lunette after finding a locket with a ornate "L" engraved on the front. Her friendly nature made it easy to bond with the ghost girl

  • Trusting, Empathetic, Chatty

  • Fun Fact: Li Mei owns a cat named Stinky, who their dad found in a trash can in front of the house

Lunette Sallow | 12 | She/Her

  • Lunette is the poor girl that died in the Reid house several years prior, and in all that time, has never been able to piece together her past. All she can remember is her silver cat Lavender before the Reid's help her restore her memory

  • Innocent, Curious, Polite

  • Fun Fact: Even in life, Lunette's oddly colored hair has had a silvery sheen to it in the moonlight. Could there be a connection?

Moonlight Dance

Status: In Development
Kitsune Aiko has fallen for the lovely rabbit on the moon, but the distance keeps them apart. Every full moon they are granted a night to spend in each other's arms. Despite everything life is throwing their way, their feelings persist and their love is strong.

Aiko Yukimori | She/Her

Aiko is a humble Kitsune protecting a small village. She loves playing with children, guiding lost spirits, and indulging in festivities. Every full moon she spends the evening with her distant lover, the moon rabbit Mizuki

Mizuki Haruna | She/Her

Following the story of Tsuki no Akari, Mizuki spends her days on the moon as reward for her kindness towards the old man. Every full moon she is granted a visit to Earth, in which she spends her time with her Kitsune lover Aiko

Asahi and Kairi Haruna | She/Her

Aiko and Mizuki's love was rewarded with three pups to have a family of their own. The first two, twins. Asahi and Kairi. As they grow older, they devote themselves to divination, reading the fortunes of any who may ask

Naoki Haruna | He/Him

Aiko and Mizuki's third child was born blind. He wears a mask in his human form out of comfort because of this. His lack of vision however puts him in greater contact with the spirit world, and he uses that to be a great medium. Like his sister's, he offers his services to those who ask for a mild exchange

Inking Venus

Status: In Development
Slice of Life comic taking place in modern day New York City. Lotus is living her best life, and has no issue roping the local florist girl into it with her, helping the wallflower properly blossom.

Lotus Baughman | 25 | She/Her

  • Lotus is a fun loving girl who does her best to make life worth living, be that by hanging out with her friends often, working a job she loves, or by weaseling her way into her girlfriend's life. Shes got it all.

  • Tattoo Artist

  • Flirty, Confident, Outgoing

Venus "Vee" Ackner | 24 | She/Her

  • Recovering from a bad break up 6 months earlier, Vee doesn't feel ready to jump back into the dating pool. That changes when Lotus waltz her way into the flower shop, and ultimately, her life for the better.

  • Florist

  • Independent, Indecisive, Easily Flustered

Liberty Ackner | 17 | She/Her

  • Vee's younger sister and aspiring tattoo artist. Lotus' boss has taken her under her wing in hopes of having her come work at the shop when she's older

  • High School Student

  • Creative, Stubborn, Laid Back

New Romantic Sailors

Status: In Development
The year is 2240, and with the help of an altruistic alien race, the people of Earth have developed far beyond their initial potential. Akira, a communications officer for a well-known "humanitarian" effort and its ship, as she experiences adventure after adventure in space.

Akira Watanabe | 22 | She/Her

  • Don't let her cutesy disposition and clumsiness fool you, underneath lies a big brain. Akira is a tech genius with a degree in exolinguistics, rendering her essential for the team.

  • Communications Officer, Radio Host

  • Bubbly, Genius, Clumsy

Cheyenne L'Amour | 23 | She/Her

  • Cheyenne is a real livewire of a girl, but when it comes down to it, she can be serious for the sake for the mission and her crew. Her passion for piloting has led her to be well beyond where she should be for her age.

  • Pilot

  • Flirty, Confident, Impulsive

Evelyn Roe | 17 | She/Her

  • Evelyn is your typical (goth) teenage girl- that is, aside from her ability to travel through Dreamlands. With her Dreamwalker, Kasper, she seeks some peace in her own world.

  • Dreamer

  • Quiet, Introverted, Unamused

Alice Leroux | 19 | She/Her

  • Cheyenne is a real livewire of a girl, but when it comes down to it, she can be serious for the sake for the mission and her crew. Her passion for piloting has led her to be well beyond where she should be for her age.

  • Pilot

  • Flirty, Confident, Impulsive