Phi | 22 | She/Her


Status: Open [1/3 taken]


Bust cuts off below the shoulder,
Half body at the waist.

Flat Color

bust | $30
Half | $40
Full | $55

+100% for additional characters


bust | $40
Half | $55
Full | $70

+100% for additional characters

*Full body colored commissions temporarily unavailable. I'm prioritizing smaller and quicker commissions to prepare for tabling at an upcoming event.


bust | $15
Half | $20
Full | $30

+100% for additional characters

check the ToS for details around props and backgrounds

Chibi Commissions

Status: Open [2/3 taken]


Choose between a Lined or Lineless style


Artwork Only
Custom Charm
$40 + shipping

+100% for additional characters


Artwork Only
Custom Charm
$45 + shipping

+100% for additional characters


Artwork Only
Custom Charm
$25 + shipping

+100% for additional characters

check the ToS for more details around props and custom charms

terms of service

Additonal Costs

- Props will cost extra, and the price will be determined by it's complexity.- Characters with complex designs or overly complicated poses will cost extra as well- Backgrounds start at $20 for something simple, and go up with complexity. I'll discuss these with you and give you a price then- Characters with no visual references will cost more. It's okay if you're giving me a stick figure pose and pictures from google for the clothes, but I will not work from words alone because there is too much room for interpretation.- Commercial work will have higher rates and needs to be discussed first.

- If you're interested in getting a custom charm, please include that in your message. This includes a second expression for the backside of your charm, as well as me having it manufactured and shipped to you when it's done.- I won't order the charm as soon as the artwork is done, but rather when I place my normal charm restock order for my shop. This makes it cheaper for you, and easier for me.- I don't have control over how fast things are manufactured, but typically I get my charms after a two-three week wait depending on how large the order was. I ask for a week to get your order ready to ship out after I recieve it.- Shipping prices will vary depending on where you are. Domestic orders in the US tend to cost $5 to ship, $10 to canada, and $15+ anywhere else.

The Process

I prefer to communicate over Instagram or email for commissions. If we are talking on Instagram, let me know if you've changed your username or else I cannot find you again.Payment is done only through PayPal. Half will be paid upfront, and the other half after the commission is done. I will not start sketching until after I've received the first half.I'll check in with you between each major step (sketching, lining, and coloring) and after changes are made. During these check ins, you can tell me what you'd like fixed in that stage.I will charge extra if you ask me to go back to a step you've already approved (ie: changing the lineart after I've begun to color).It takes me somewhere between a week and a month typically to finish a commission. I work on them in the order I received them. Be upfront with any deadlines you have.When the drawing is done and I'm paid in full, I'll email you the high resolution file(s).



..Am free to turn down any commission that makes me uncomfortable or I feel I cannot complete..May take longer than expected depending on real life circumstances, but I will let you know if that's the case


..Are free to post the commission to your platform(s) or use it on your sites (ie: toyhouse or carrd) with credit..May not remove my watermark or edit the art at any time..Can message me about updates anytime and I'll be happy to fill you in

Will Do

- Original characters, fan characters, fanart, etc.- Most ships, including self-shipping, but please check beforehand- Custom Character designs and ref sheets- Real People*- Blood (But not gore)*

* My skills regarding capturing likeness and gore respectively aren't as strong, but I don't mind drawing them if you acknowledge this going in

Won't Do

- Nsfw or suggestive themes- Anthro and Furries. Small things like animal ears or tails okay.- Mecha and detailed armor- Heavy gore

If you're unsure if something is okay, just ask! I don't mind helping out if you're confused.

Do you allow reposts?

Absolutely not, unless the artwork is commissioned. If you see my art reposted anywhere, please let me know

Where can I find your art?

I post my art on Instagram, Tumblr, and Artfol, and always under some variation of Phido or Phidont

Where can I read your comic?

Delta is available on Tapas. I'm currently in the process of finishing the first chapter before posting

What do you use to draw?

I primarily use a Huion GT-191 Kamvas and Paint Tool Sai. I also have an iPad Air with Procreate I use for sketches and merch designs

How can I support you?

The best way to support me is through commissioning me, through my Bigcartel shop, and my patreon. Interacting with my work on any level makes me happy though, I'm glad people are able to enjoy the things I draw :)

Can I draw you fanart?

Please do! I love getting fanart, it always makes my day. If you do please tag or DM it to me so I can see! On instagram you can also use #phidocfanart if you'd like

Do you take requests? / Can you draw ___?

No, but my commissions are usually open. Feel free to shoot me a message if you're interested

Do you do collabs/art trades?

Typically only with close mutuals, and only if I'm not swamped with other work. Please do not ask me this if I do not know you

How do you pronounce "Phido"?

Fye-doe. It's a mix of the greek letter Phi and the dog nickname Fido. I stole it from my favorite video game series Zero Escape

Please don't mind the unfinished art, I will get to it.. Eventually


Status: Working on Chapter 01
Detective Jun Nakamura falls into a game of cat and mouse as she investigates a series of seemingly unsolvable murders.

Myrefall Hearts

Status: In Development
When a strange new dating app arises in Myrefall, Blythe realizes there's more than it may seem to her matchmaking service's new rival.

For more on any of my characters, check out my toyhouse


Status: Working on Chapter 01

Detective Jun Nakamura falls into a game of cat and mouse as she investigates a series of seemingly unsolvable murders. As things escalate, it looks like the killer has it in for her personally.

Delta is my passion project, a story I've been developing since I was 15 and am determined to see through to the end.

Jun Nakamura

26 | She/Her | Detective

Protagonist and lead detective on the case. A serial killer is running loose in Blackwell and Jun is determined to stop her.


Serial Killer

She's graduated from killing to satiate her curiosity alone, to also wanting to make Detective Nakamura's life a living nightmare.

Kiyomi Misora

18 | She/Her | Senior

Top student, well-liked, from a distance Kiyomi seems perfect. She dedicates her life to keeping up that image and blocking out her past.

Celeste Du Bois

18 | She/Her | Senior

Despite her stature, Celeste is quite possibly the most timid girl in their grade. Ever the sweetheart, she still struggles to make friends. At least she has Kiyomi.

Loralei Nakamura

28 | She/Her | Photographer

Loving wife to Jun, as well as well known photographer in the city. She uses her talents for both journalism and art.

Ash McNamara

27 | He/Him | Detective

Jun's partner and more positive counterpart. Outside of work their close bond persists, Ash being her closest friend.

Myrefall Hearts

Status: In Development

Blythe is an idealistic young divination witch who just opened her new matchmaking service. When a mysterious new dating app arises, she realizes it's much more than some rival competition as the residents of Myrefall begin acting strangely.

Second to Delta, Myrefall Hearts is the other oc universe I focus on the most. It's much more lighthearted and magical for when you need a break from all that murder.

Blythe Fowler

22 | She/Her | Divination

Blythe Fowler loves love, and wants to do everything within her power to bring that feeling to the people around her.

Blaire Delvaux

??? | She/Her| Blacthorne

Accidentally summoned by Blythe, Blaire finds herself stuck on the surface world, although, she's made herself quite comfortable in Blythe's heart and home.

Pandora Underwood

22 | She/Her | Kitchen

Pandora runs the most popular place in town: Pandora's Box! Part bakery, part café. No one can resist the cozy vibe she provides.

Mara Underwood

24 | She/Her| Necromancy

Mara keeps to herself and spends most of her time at the Cemetery. Her aptitude in necromancy makes her the strongest witch in town.

√Čtoile Fowler

24 | She/Her | Ice

Living far outside of Myrefall, Etoile is a skilled witch using her magic for icesmithing, and of course, Blythe's big sister.

Original Background: #403435